If a crisis were to strike your workplace,
what would you do?

Call us. Trauma Outreach Associates can give you answers and peace of mind.
A traumatic workplace crisis such as a shooting, accident or natural disaster can have a serious and long-lasting impact on a business. That’s true with business processes and systems, but is even more so with the prime asset of your business: your employees. Think your business is ready? Take our quiz to find out.

Our expert team is ready to help you with trauma counseling, no matter what stage of crisis your company is facing: Preparation for the unexpected, Response to a traumatic event, or Recovery in the weeks following a workplace crisis.

The key to a company’s survival in the face of a crisis is immediate intervention. Trauma Outreach Associates work with you to create a customized crisis response plan that will help you and your employees recover as quickly as possible. With our highest quality, most-comprehensive hands-on crisis response services in the Bay Area, your employees will be fully treated and supported, and your bottom line won’t suffer.

Now it’s up to you – contact Trauma Outreach Associates today to get back on your feet faster.